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The West Glendale Sustainable Transportation and Land Use Study will provide recommendations to support transit use, walking and bicycling. These recommendations would help reduce vehicle miles traveled and greenhouse gas emissions while enhancing quality of life for the West Glendale community.

Project Study Area​

West Glendale Study Area Map

Key Study Elements

  • A protected bike lane feasibility study and improved walking connections on Glenoaks Boulevard. A range of bikeway configurations that result in safe, direct and convenient world-class bicycle route will be explored.

  • An integrated bicycle and transit-supportive land use framework for transit stations and connecting corridors linking to Glenoaks Boulevard ‘complete street’.

  • An ‘action plan’ of priority projects and other implementation measures that can be folded into the West Glendale Community Plan shortly after the Study’s adoption.



The Study will also inform policies prepared as part of the West Glendale Community Plan.  Pending City Council approval, the land use and transportation recommendation from the Study will be folded into and be adopted with the West Glendale Community Plan.



The project kicked off in December 2019.  

Milestone 1: Identify Issues/Concerns & Establish Project Goals

Existing Conditions Report

Milestone 2: Draft Concept Alternatives & Gather Feedback.

Concept Alternatives

Milestone 3: Review Draft Plan & Gather Feedback

Draft Plan

Milestone 4: Review Final Plan


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